Sole purpose is to sell licenses of the patent, and if interesting enough, to sell the whole company.

The patent has been vested, but not in every country of interest. Funds are needed to vest the patents in other countries, to have sufficient resources to defend the patents if needed, and to finance legal costs in negotiating license contracts. A total fund of 1.2 million euro should be more than sufficient, as we will not enter in costly prototyping or pre-production, which will be left to better equiped licensees.

The sole license of the patent with all rights has been incorporated in a Dutch limited company with 180 (one-hundred-eighty) equal shares. Offered by the founders are 100 shares, at a price of 4,000 euro each, on the condition a further 12,000 euro per share will be given in loan to the company (6% per annum interest, to be paid back within 2 years).

If you are interested, you should let us know by email at orbox.be@gmail.com . You will then receive a reservation number (1-100) after which you are requested to transfer a registration fee of 200 euro to reserve your claim. Next you will be listed (under a codename to be selected by you) on this website, so you can verify your claim.

Once 100 shares are reserved, we will contact all of you to answer remaining relevant questions. You can then let us know if you want to carry on or abandon your claim. If you abandon your claim the 200 euro will not be refunded, and if there are candidates on a waiting list, your place will be taken by one of them. If you want to carry on, you will then receive further details from our notary, who will take care all financial matters are carried out properly, and you will become a registered shareholder like ourselves.

Above procedure is preliminary and not binding, and might be changed if so required by Dutch corporate law.